about me

I completed my studies in homeopathy and naturopathics in 1999 at Paramed in Baar, Switzerland. Further trainings followed and I went deeper in to Hatha Yoga, Hahnemanns Miasmatic Theory, orthomolekular medicine, the Bowen-Technique, the Dorn-Breuss method, Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine and last but not least the art of swiss yodeling with Irene Kiser, Christine Lauterburg, Ingrid Hammer.

I gained my experience at first in the ambulatory of Paramed, then in the group practice SANAVERSUM in Regensdorf and Praxis Villa Beau Site in Zurich.

Bi-weekly I conduct a yodeling group in Zurich. Together with my collegue Bernhard Betschart I teach a yodeling course for beginners in Oberwil (Zug): www.oberwilerkurse.ch