Healing oneself and others with the voice

The human voice is not only a sound and musical instrument, but also a tool for regulating and realigning one’s own nervous system and the nervous systems of others.

I have always loved singing, in choirs, with my sister at home, at festivals, in school services, when singing mantras or on my own.

During my training in Somatic Experiencing according to Peter Levine, I got to know my voice anew. I started taking singing lessons with Jan Fischer, who teaches using the Lichtenberg method, and I began to yodel.

I have been giving yodelling courses since 2012 and experience time and time again how the sound of our voice reunites us, building bridges to our complex inner selves and bridges to complete strangers.

The voice is a medium that can carry us to all possible corners of our consciousness or vice versa, even unknown areas of our inner self can express themselves through our voice if we have the courage to surrender to our own voice.

If you have the feeling that your voice still has a lot to tell you, and a lot to sing and yodel, you can take a look at my courses at www.juuzen-und-johlen.ch.

Yodelling, shouting, moaning, pleading, begging, raging, being sad, laughing, rejoicing, beeing silent; the voice can do all this and more for us. It gives us the opportunity to perceive ourselves better and more lovingly.

Particularly topical at the moment : Klageritual cleansing ritual workshop at Raven Spirit in Lenzburg

We received the SNE 2023 award for our activities in the field of voice and health: Alpine Sprache des Herzens

I am also involved with the work of Gita Ben David. Clicking this preview-picture, the YouTube-player will open. Privacy policy of YouTube (Google).

If you would like to hear me live: I can be seen and heard from time to time on a small stage or can be booked with these formations:


Anyway: don’t forget to dance and sing with your friends and families!